Once the trip has been planned and everything is ready, it is time to choose the routes we are going to take to get to know New York and the most interesting tourist sites we want to visit. Here we try to tell you not only the most typical and well-known sites, but also those corners, perhaps a little away from the conventional tourist circuit, but that have a special charm or a view that you do not expect and we are sure you will be surprised.

In addition, we include a list of our favorite activities throughout the year, so that when you go you know what things you will be able to do during your stay, and that will make you a little more New Yorker.


The best way to discover the city is walking, so here we leave you our routes to get to know New York by foot. All our routes have a maximum duration of one day, and are designed for a person who has a normal physical level, in any case also give you alternatives, if you fall short, or places to rest while doing it.


Information and a complete guide to all kinds of activities you can do throughout the year in the city: ice skating, a Broadway musical, going to see a concert or sporting event, … are some of the activities we propose for your trip.


Information about the main places of interest and our favorite and least known places in New York: history of the site, opening hours, rates, if it is included in the tourist cards, etc …