Hello! How are you?

I’m glad you’re reading this, so, first of all, thank you very much for being here. I’m very grateful, really. Thanks to people like you, this site is still working today. It is not a given phrase, a web and the work that supposes only makes sense if there are people interested in it.

I tell you a little about myself and about this blog.

My name is Francisco Tazón Vega, and I am a freak of technology, Physics, Internet, New Age music and, yes, you guessed it, also from New York City. And I’m in charge of this website that you are visiting right now and its contents.

I am currently the director of Feynman Digital Consulting, a company that helps people to develop their business on the Internet, and which is based in Spain. So, if you have a business that you want to get more out on the Internet or are thinking of starting it, maybe I can help you. You can find more information at https://www.feynmandigital.com

How did this web start?

In 2006 we received great news in the family: my sister is signed to work in New York and moves to the Big Apple. So, neither short nor lazy, in the summer of 2006 I prepare to go to see her, excited, and thus to know New York, city of which I fall in love as soon as I arrive, in spite of the 40ºC with which it receives me at the end of July. Since then, at least once a year I visit the city.

En el Top of the Rock

In the Top of the Rock

I am a person who likes to take things studied, so I read all the travel guides that fall into my hands and I prepare a “Word” with several day routes to get to know the best of New York. At that time the plane tickets begin to fall, and the favorable change euro-dollar makes several friends and family are also encouraged to travel to New York. Knowing that I had visited the city recently, they ask me for the notes I had taken, and even updated them when I returned, and they return enchanted. On the return of one of these trips, a friend of mine proposes that I make a New York website (since “you know about this Internet, websites and have so much useful information about the city …”)

I loved the idea and also had experience in travel blogs thanks to my blog Routes through Cantabria and Picos de Europa where I share information of interest of my beloved Cantabria, in which I was born, from 1996. After ripening a bit the idea, at Christmas 2007 year, I get to it and I publish in 2008 the first version of the web with, approximately, 6 one day routes through New York, some useful information and tips. Seeing that the website had many more visits than I imagined and that people told me that it had helped them organize and enjoy their trip, I decided to dedicate more time and make it bigger, until reaching the current version (and those that will come 😉)

Who provides all the routes and contents?

All routes and photographs are my own content or have been provided by friends and family, therefore, All the recommendations you find on this website are at all times of people who have gone to places, performed activities or used services that they liked.. In some cases, we have even visited the site several times or used its services all these years to verify that the experience is still as good as the first time, especially if, for any reason, one of our visitors has sent us a different opinion to ours.

Good part of the recommendations about stores or restaurants come from the experience of my sister in New York, as well as my parents, who also had experience in routes and museums after having kicked all over New York a thousand times. As for the famous New York marathon, for example, my father and my brothers have run it twice. My mother and I have always been the official water carriers of the family and suffering followers of the marathoners in New York 😊

New York, the city that never sleeps, is constantly changing, so, Although we check our contents periodically, it may happen that we immediately update the price of a museum or tourist attraction, or that unfortunately a recommended store or restaurant has closed. If so, I’d love for you to write me to let me know and update the information as soon as possible.

Haciendo el tour en bici por Central Park

Doing the Central Park Bicycle Tour

How is the website funded?

The cost of keeping this website open, with information updated annually and its chat system to resolve doubts is quite high, and is currently funded by the advertising you find on its pages. At all times I try to make advertising as unobtrusive as possible, avoiding, for example, the use of full screen ads and the ones that give a bad user experience.

On the website you will find articles with links to products and services that may interest you, such as tourist cards, ticket purchases and tours of New York. If you use these links to buy these services I get a small commission (in some cases, not always) that helps me to keep the website active and updated, and continue to expand its contents, for which I am very grateful. Buying through these links does not have any extra cost, ie, you do not get more expensive than the price that have those services outside this website.

In any case, in all our articles we give our personal opinion and without restrictions. All the services offered have been tested by me and/or my family and friends, and we only recommend those services that we have liked. Our good or bad opinion of a service is not for sale. At all times we have considered that if we liked something it is easy for you to like it, so we will always indicate our opinion in the articles and we always prefer that you have a great memory of your trip to New York if you follow our recommendations.

Finally, I wanted to ask you two things, 1) whether you are thinking about going to New York as if you have already done, and this website has been helpful, share it with your friends, we can also be useful to them and 2) Tell me your experience with New York and my website, and if you want us to publish your article on our website, just contact us. Your experience, opinion, constructive criticism, suggestions and recommendations help me to improve every day.

Thank you for staying here


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